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Let’s Talk About Sex

Tomorrow, on
World AIDS Day, let’s talk about sex. 
80% of new HIV infections are sexually transmitted; let’s stop
that sex isn’t happening and start making it safer.

This World AIDS Day—and every day
after—we need to talk
openly and honestly about how to stop the spread of HIV.  We need to ensure that all women have
the ability to make choices about their own sexual and reproductive health.  Both men and women need to have access
to the contraceptive supplies they need to protect themselves.  Men, women and couples of all ages must
be educated about how HIV is transmitted and how to best protect themselves:
reducing the number of sexual partners, using a condom every time they have sex,
and being aware of their HIV status. 
We need to encourage men to be involved in their own sexual health and
that of their partners.  And, HIV
positive women need to have access to the tools they need to be sexually healthy
and make choices about if and when to have children.

When a deadly
disease such as HIV/AIDS is transmitted largely through sex, we can’t afford to
be shy.  We have let ideology and
fear curb a global conversation about the reality of how this epidemic continues
to spread, and history will judge us harshly for it.   Let’s stop this deadly trend and
make sex safer for men and women around the world.  It’s World AIDS Day; let’s talk about

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