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Regional Advocacy Training in Fiji

Bula! (hello in Fiji). I am here in Fiji, taking part in a regional advocacy training for young people from the Pacific, put on by the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, a sub-grantee of PAI’s. I arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and have been very busy working with the other YC facilitators (Nino from Indonesia and Fred from Sweden) to finalize the week’s agenda and develop the sessions for the training.

There are 10 participants, representing Fiji, new Zealand, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Nieu. I’ll be facilitating sessions on analyzing UN texts, understanding the MDG framework, mapping international advocacy opportunities, and a session on research-based advocacy that will center on A Measure of Survival.

It is a very dedicated and knowledgeable group of young people, so I am looking forward to a productive week. The training began today, with presentations from participants on the key SRR issues in their countries and communities.

Sarah E. Haddock, Research Assistant

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