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PEPFAR in the News

Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a bill to
reauthorize the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
Now the bill will move to the House floor — as soon as next week. In
the meantime, check out these news clips with more information and various
perspectives on the bill.

PEPFAR Wins Money, Compromises Principle
RH Reality Check – Washington, DC, USA
The moment to improve PEPFAR based on reality and public health passed
before the House Foreign Affairs Committee was ever convened. Americans
frustrated with political game playing over dedicated problem solving
will see this as one more reason Washington must change…

House Foreign Affairs Committee Approves PEPFAR Reauthorization Bill
Kaiser network.org – Washington, DC, USA
President Bush had called on Congress to authorize a $30 billion,
five-year extension of PEPFAR. The bill also would remove a requirement
that at least …

Pact Would Give Global AIDS Fight Triple the Money
Washington Post – United States
..House leaders from both parties and the White House yesterday reached
agreement on a bill that would more than triple funding for… 

US House Votes to Raise Global Aids Spending
New York Times US House Votes to Raise Global Aids Spending
New York Times – United States
By AP The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to more than triple
spending for an AIDS program that has proven to be one of the Bush
administration’s most …

PEPFAR Reauthorization Bill Includes Pledge Requirement for HIV
OMB Watch – USA
A mark up hearing was held today (February 27) on a compromise bill
introduced this morning, the Global HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Reauthorization …

Faith-Based Groups Disagree on HIV Prevention Strategies
Christian Post – USA
PEPFAR, the five-year and $15 billion AIDS relief plan, is the
largest-ever international health initiative targeted at one disease.

Catholic Relief Services Welcomes Bipartisan Compromise on …
Reuters AlertNet – London, England, UK
The bill approved by the Committee authorizes up to $50 billion for
PEPFAR over the next five years. The Committee adopted two improvements
sought by CRS. …

Activists Applaud House Panel Extension of Global AIDS Program
Voice of America – USA
By Howard Lesser Coalitions of AIDS activists and American business
leaders lobbied hard to boost PEPFAR, the Bush administration’s
signature AIDS relief …

Bipartisanship Trumps Liberal Agenda in PEPFAR Reauthorization
FOXBusiness – USA
“While not perfect, this bill continues the principles of the
bipartisan PEPFAR program passed five years ago. I especially applaud
Rep. …
*PR Newswire Source: Family Research Council*

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