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Amy Coen on The Huffington Post: Climate Change And Women’s Issues Are More Connected Than You Think

Last week’s Earth Day celebration reminded me of the first one. As a
college kid responding to the passionate calls to action punctuated by
pounding music, I came away thinking that if I hadn’t already decided
to work for women’s rights, I would choose to work on environmental
causes as a career.

This came to mind recently as I bumped along a dusty road in
Northern Ethiopia. I was distressed by the lack of trees and by the
many young women trudging along the road bent under the weight of huge
piles of branches tied to their backs. Many of them never attended
school or had dropped out because of the time required to travel long
distances in search of wood that their families need for cooking and
heat in the winter.

Read more of Amy Coen’s blog at The Huffington Post.

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