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Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention

CfEBPlogo.gifPAI is a founding member of the Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention.

As the eyes of the public health community turn toward Mexico City, Mexico, for the XVII International AIDS Conference, HIV prevention will once again take center stage.

The Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention–composed of  more than 50 nongovernmental organizations and their international partners meeting throughout the conference–is eager to learn from new prevention research, incorporating a breadth of biomedical, behavioral, and social interventions. The caucus was created for the specific purpose of promoting HIV prevention supported by sound science at the International AIDS Conference.

The caucus will monitor the use of evidence in HIV prevention programs
and policies, report on HIV prevention-related conference proceedings
to a wide audience, and alert the community when ideology, prejudice,
or opinion interfere with evidence-based approaches to reducing the
further spread of HIV and AIDS.

Because ideology and politics have become part of the current HIV
prevention landscape, the caucus will be outspoken in defense of
prevention strategies based on evidence. 

Please join Population Action International and countless other Caucus
member organizations in promoting scientific evidence as a critical
element of HIV prevention worldwide. 

The caucus will be reporting from the International AIDS Conference in a daily newsletter, as well as blogs at RH Reality Check and

For more information about the Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention, please visit

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