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From Miami to Peru: Taking Action for Women’s Health Everywhere

Earlier this week, Population Action International hosted an event — “Stories from Peru: Reproductive Health in Latin America” — in Coral Gables, FL.  Senator Gwen Margolis (Democrat, FL-35) opened the evening by linking the issues that women face in developing countries to the current attempts to roll back progress on reproductive health access in the U.S.

She warned that in the U.S. “we’re going backwards, we’re not going forward,” but noted that young people offer hope for the future, working in tandem with older generations who know what it was like to see friends die because of lack of access to reproductive health services, including safe abortion services.

Thankfully public health professionals like Dr. Miguel Gutierrez and advocates like Alix Gordon, who also spoke at the event, are energized and committed to fighting for women’s access to reproductive health services worldwide and ensuring that we continue to move forward.

Alix Gordon with Dr. Miguel Gutiérrez at the event.

Dr. Miguel Gutiérrez, the Peru Country Representative for Pathfinder International, invited the audience to “join us in advocating for policies—in the U.S. and in the countries where Pathfinder works, like Peru—that are based on evidence and support public health best-practices.”

Alix Gordon emphasized the need for political will and diverse alliances to empower women and improve access to basic family planning and reproductive health care services.

After sharing her personal reflections on the Peru study tour that she participated in with PAI and Pathfinder, Alix closed by saying “We must be engaged to prevent the access problems we encountered in Peru. This is a matter of social and economic justice. As we act in support of access in the U.S., let’s join in support of a strong U.S. development budget that includes robust funding for maternal and reproductive health and family planning.  Act for all women and girls throughout the world. Act for the future of our planet.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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