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Your Future: Brought To You By Contraception

Happy World Contraception Day! If you’ve used contraception, we don’t need to tell you why it’s important. You know. You’ve lived it.

Most of us wouldn’t be where we are today if the power to decide if and when to have kids was out of our hands. In fact, the life-changing benefits of contraception are so clear that we could show you in just six seconds!

Every woman and girl deserves a chance to reap those benefits – education, a job, and a family on her own terms. The vision of World Contraception Day to “create a world where every pregnancy is wanted” is constantly on our minds here at PAI. Because for 1 in 7 women in developing countries (222 million in total!), those benefits are still out of reach. That needs to change.

We work every day with governments, NGOs, and individuals to boost funding and policies for contraception because we believe it’s the cornerstone to a happy and healthy future for all people.

Today we celebrate how far we’ve come and acknowledge the long road ahead to make contraception universally accessible. It’s crucial that we all renew our commitment to expanding contraceptive supplies and education at home and abroad.

5 Responses to “Your Future: Brought To You By Contraception”

  1. Alice Oppen

    Thank you for the information you send, very helpful in fundraising for access to contraception in overseas aid in Southeast Asia and PNG.
    Great work you are doing.
    Cheers, Alice

  2. Kate Lang

    The women of the world need to all be liberated from submission to the tyranny of their fertility. They must have the right to choose their conception timing, and the rewards to the progress of their own life development. They must be aware of global over-population, and its consequences. They must be free from forced marriage of all kinds, especially of the overly young and vulnerable. They must be protected from ritual and cultural genital mutilation. They must be free from rape.

  3. kay mueller

    This is absolutely necessary in order to help the world situations.

  4. Lauri Provencher

    The world needs LESS people — and more INADVERTANCE !

  5. Barbara Miller MD

    Reliable and readily available contraception is a necessity for the well-being of each family world over and for the sustainability of the world environment.

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