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31 Days and Counting of Presidential Inaction on the Helms Amendment

One month ago today, PAI urged the White House to take action to help women who have become pregnant as a result of rape or who face a life-threatening pregnancy access the health care they need.

Check out and share the Presidential Inaction Tracker at HelmsHurts.com.

The Helms Amendment bans U.S. foreign assistance from funding abortion “as a method of family planning.” But policymakers have for years gone beyond the law and implemented Helms as a blanket ban on all abortion funding. While the White House can’t  get rid of the Helms Amendment, they can fix this piece of the problem—and assist women in the most vulnerable circumstances—by instructing U.S. agencies that they can fund safe abortions of pregnancies that are due to rape or incest, or that endanger a woman’s life.

Every 11 minutes, a woman dies from unsafe abortion, so there’s no time to waste. Yet today marks a full month of Presidential inaction. That’s 44,640 minutes. In that time, more than 4,000 women around the world have lost their lives to unsafe abortion. We know a policy change could help reduce this number, so our tracker has been keeping tabs on every minute the White House delays.

YOU can help us spread the word and ask the White House to stop dragging its feet by sharing the tracker on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Please stand with us and women worldwide!

3 Responses to “31 Days and Counting of Presidential Inaction on the Helms Amendment”

  1. Gerda Muri

    Please allow legal abortions

  2. Patricia Weaver

    The Helms Amendment must be one of the cruellest pieces of legislation ever created harming not only the women seeking terminations, their unborn child, their community and ultimately all life on earth, not just the human population.Inflicted on the world’s poorest people by some of the richest. How can people who claim to love their fellow human beings inflict such misery, poverty and hunger on other less fortunate people.
    Access to family planning is clearly a human right in todays world where modern family planning can be readily provided at low cost.

  3. Alex Stavis

    Fix the problems with the Helms Amendment now.

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