Population Trends and Demography, Security and Governance

The Demographics of Revolt

Originally posted on the Huffington Post In explaining the uprisings in the Middle East this past month, commentators have discussed demography almost as much as democracy. And though most focused on the number of young people in the streets from … Continue Reading

Population Trends and Demography

Adding “Forced” Bachelors to “Missing” Girls: The Gendered Outcomes of China’s Population Policy

I recently attended a 30th anniversary celebration in Beijing for the China Population and Development Research Center, which hosted an international seminar on demographic research.   Those were the same 30 years that China has restricted its citizens to having what … Continue Reading

Population Trends and Demography, Security and Governance

Pakistan’s Demographic Challenge Is Not Just Economic

Originally published in The New Security Beat In a meeting with business leaders in Lahore in late October, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pointedly warned of the potential economic impacts of Pakistan’s rapidly growing population: “There has to be…in … Continue Reading

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Population Trends and Demography

Smaller Population Size in the New UN Population Projection Depends on Expanded Access to Family Planning

The Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs released the 21st round of its official global population projection, the 2008 Revision, on March 11, 2009. The 2008 Revision suggests that under a medium variant assumption, … Continue Reading

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Dated Discrimination Comes Back to Life

Warning: This piece includes spoilers for the most recent season of Downton Abbey. For the women of Downton Abbey, this season has brought some struggles when it comes to reproductive rights. In the most direct family planning plotline, savvy Lady … Continue Reading