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“The Silent Partner” Premieres in Nairobi, Kenya

The world premiere of “The Silent Partner: HIV in Marriage” in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday drew a crowd of 131 attendees, plus 39 members of the media. The event was held in a lovely room in the City Centre’s Nairobi Hilton, … Continue Reading

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Asia Pacific Alliance Spreads Its Wings

One of the unique features of the Asia Pacific Alliance (APA) is that it brings together reproductive health (RH), family planning (FP), development and environment nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). We in the movement know that all of our activities are linked … Continue Reading

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Integration - HIV/AIDS

Weighing the Evidence: Prioritizing Prevention in the Fight Ahead

Does HIV/AIDS still require an exceptional response? That question framed the interactive discussion hosted by the Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention at the International AIDS Conference.     Mitchell Warren (AVAC) launched the dialogue by quoting Richard Horton (The Lancet): “In 2031 … Continue Reading

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Integration - HIV/AIDS

Linking the Twin Pandemics: HIV and Gender-Based Violence

In the session “Women’s Rights Equals Women’s Lives,” at the International AIDS Conference, advocates and researchers came together to discuss the twin pandemics of gender-based violence (GBV) and HIV.  Researchers Charlotte Watts from the London School of Hygiene and Claudia … Continue Reading

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Why We Care (And Why You Should, Too)

Recently, PAI President and CEO Suzanne Ehlers was featured by the United Nation Foundation’s Why We Care campaign, a platform for individuals to share their journeys to becoming champions for international reproductive health. In her essay, Suzanne talks about formative Peace … Continue Reading